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The aim and purpose of Union House Myanmar Real Estate Website
Warmly welcome from all of us at Union House, a free website which serves and connects between the suppliers and the buyers for their own preference of the Real Estate like buying, selling and renting.
We can successfully start our online website platform and offer to you our Union House Myanmar’s official website at 01/10/2020.
The aim and purpose of this website is to make it easy or convenient for those people who are seeking for a new house, compound or land. You can readily or easily find the most up-to-date Real Estate Listings in one place.
You can open your own account for free at our website in order to browse for sell, buy or rent and find new neighborhoods to explore.

The key benefit of opening a new account at Union House is that you can easily check and get the most up-to-date Real Estate information in one stop without consuming your valuable time and efforts. Furthermore, you can pay any charges (0 Kyat) for opening new account.

For the one who wants to sell, buy or rent in person, just advertise on our website; Union House and you will see the amazing result. We can give 100% grantee for you!

We have good news for the Real Estate agent’s company and agents. You can also open your own account or your company account and post your Real Estate advertising announcements such as sell, buy or rent. It will help you out more income than before.

Strength of our website is you can easily spot the most up-to-date news of Real Estate from Union House

Whether you want to search or know more about the Real Estate’s advertising news completely, always remember us; the Union House Myanmar Website because we are always trying to give you the complete information of Real Estate news by each Township from our country.

Even the numerous most updated information won’t let you sweat. You can easily and cheerfully can spot the information or data of flat, condominium, apartment, and compound as we put these facts according to their headlines such as their types or their townships.

This website can provide you and help you to know the Real Estate News of buying, selling, or renting list from the places like not only form the biggest cities but also the small cities or the rural area as we are connecting with the owners from there.

Dear all of the business owners form Real Estate Sector, we would like to invite you to make a partnership or collaborate with us. We hope that you can trustfully work in partnership with Union House Myanmar because we are always delivering the right information of Real Estate Lists and up-to-date news.

We also would like to invite you to visit our website very often because we will post all the right and complete information of new housing project, new apartment, new project which will terminate soon and other news that concerns with Real Estate Sector.

Want to Buy the house? Sell? Rent? Just looking for your concern cases at our Union House If you have any question to know more about the taxation, the documents, or the registration cases that concern with Real Estate, you can contact with us via Email, Phone and Message.
We would like to help you with our best services so that you can find the most updated news very easily and plus you can save your valuable time.

Union House Myanmar is always for all!